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Dependability of public e-communication networks – ropes to skip – introduction

September 6th, 2008 · No Comments ·

    Resilience describes the ability of communications networks in providing and maintaining acceptable level of service in the face of various challenges to normal operations.

More and more we live in world where the use of information communication technologies is becoming ever more pervasive in our daily chores. Accordingly, dependable communications networks and services are now critical to public welfare and economic stability.

Attacks against that infrastructure or natural disaster might reveal increased vulnerabilities and dependabilities of our societies.

So how much do we depend on our communications networks?

Dependability (click on link – choose Login as Guest – free access to definition) is a multi-faceted concept. One can classify such types of failure and arrive at an identification of a set of attributes (or characteristics) of dependability, the main ones of which are:

  • availability,”readiness for correct service,”
  • reliability – “continuity of correct service,”
  • safety – “absence of catastrophic consequences on the user(s) and the environment,”
  • integrity – “absence of improper system alterations,”
  • maintainability – “ability to undergo modifications, and repairs.”

(for more definitions see European Union – SecurIST Advisory Board
IT risk, threat & vulnerability mitigation
(click on link – choose Login as Guest – free access to definition)

In the following weeks and possibly months I will focus on this issue. In particular some of the greatest obstacles societies might face when wanting to reach better resilience against attacks will be addressed. Since the world has become a global village, any country, acting independently, may face difficulties in effectively preventing and responding to internet-based attacks that can often originate outside national borders.

Without putting one’s own house in order, however, things are unikely to improve for a state and its citizens. In other words, acceptable dependability levels are unlikely to be reached through international collaboration if one’s own department or house looks like a disaster area. Accordingly:

The level of resilience accomplished is the outcome or result of an acceptable level of dependability of a public e-communication network.

A first step is to get one’s own house in order.

Once national efforts have resulted in a higher level of dependability resulting in greater resilience for the e-communication network, international collaboration can help in improving risk management.

So what are some of the obstacles that societies face in trying to achieve this outcome?

Stay tuned, you can read obout all here in upcoming posts.


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