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ENISA – white paper about USB sticks

June 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments ·

    Twitter can sometimes be wonderful to spread information fast.For instance, last week we provided you with information about an important study by ENISA regarding flash drives.

    We tell you more below.

Here are the three tweets we sent about this study.
InfoSec InfoSec @WhitePapers European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) 2008-06-19 report ==> advises companies on 12 threats from #ENISA 1

InfoSec InfoSec from @WhitePapers -ENISA …accidental loss or theft of confidential corporate data on unsecured USB flash drives what can you do #ENISA 2

InfoSec InfoSec @WhitePapers thanks – ENISA link works now – report bottom of page 19 recommendations on what do #ENISA 3

What it means for you

Stay informed and if you are a Twitter user, follow InfoSec we will bring more things your way such as this one that went out today:

    2008-04-19_142646_normalInfoSec: We not only need to use statistics correctly—we need to use them wisely as well. When doing metrics with security issues or … Nr.1

Care to leave a comment below, how do you see it? Progress, failure, difficulties please share.

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