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New threats and national warning systems – do they work?

September 19th, 2006 · No Comments ·

Previously we discussed:

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The last story we had dealt with was:

Commercial Early Warning Systems to the rescue – sometimes

The above posting indicated that commercial EWS services do have similar problems as might publicly funded efforts, although they differ somewhat. In fact competition is so tough that that some alerting services even fudge a bit with the time and dates they put on their advisories or alerts (e.g., CT110063: advisory – Apple QuickTime Player has buffer and remote integer overflow vulnerability 2006-09-12) where some put on Sept. 12 but clients did neither get the e-mailed advisory nor were able to find help on the Webpage before the early morning hours (GMT) of Sept. 13. But competition for revenue might explain this but it does not help as far as trust is concerned.

Last Thursday and Friday (2006-0914 & 15) the 5th International ICT-& Information Security Symposium the Haegue was held as well and one presentation addressed the issue of finding the market niche regarding EWS systems. In fact, it debunked some general beliefs about the effectiveness of an EWS:

Why Early Warning Systems will continue to fail surfing their customers well

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d) Gattiker, U. E. (2006). An Early Warning System for Home Users and SMEs: The Ropes to Skip. In Proceedings Critis 06 – Critical Information Infrastructures Security, Samos – Greece


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