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Windows Vista SP1 includes more than 300 hot fixes

December 15th, 2007 · No Comments ·

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – expected 1st Quarter 2008
Microsoft explains that Windoes Vista Service Pack 1 will not resolve compatability issues.“Applications that have compatibility issues with Windows Vista today will most likely continue to have the same issues with Windows Vista with SP1.”
Microsoft officials have said they were not not planning to release a “big bang” service pack for Windows Vista. The lengthy document and 300 hot fixes suggests otherwise.

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In its whitepaper, Microsoft concedes that:

    “…the changes made in the Windows Vista release that enhance security, reliability, and networking that might cause earlier versions of applications to break are being carried forward in Windows Vista SP1.”

You do get an upside according to Microsoft. All applications that currently run properly on Windows Vista will continue to work on Vista SP1.

Windows Vista SP1 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2008. A release candidate is currently available as a download.

The 300 hotfixes will include repairs for such problems as:

– a fix for a problem in which optical disks turn blank after being formatted with the Live File System Vista has;

– a patch for a glitch that generates an error message when large files are copied from one Vista-based computer to another over a network; and

– an update designed to improve Vista’s speed when its operating on a computer linked to a virtual private network.

Get the details about all the fixes here:

2007-12-12 Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals – V. 2.5

So wait with purchasing your next laptop until Service Pack 1 has been issued.

Want to play with a beta Version of SP1 – check here:

2007-09-05 – Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta Overview



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Microsoft by now admits that the biggest challenge is:

– getting applications to work with the advanced security features of Windows Vista, such as the User Account Control.

The latter is designed to prevent desktop users from making changes to their system images without approval from an IT administrator.

The feature operates at the kernel level and can affect the way third-party applications, including but not limited to antivirus software and anti-spyware.



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