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CyTRAP Lab’s Choice – free tool – WAZ helps you find the Zombies on your network

January 16th, 2008 · No Comments ·

Ever wanted to find and get rid of the Zombies on your network?This tool helps you do the job faster and better – check it out


More often than ever we find virus infected computers on our network. Unfortunately, these computers might even be part of a botnet and the herders might be in Rusia.


WAZ v 1.0 can help it is an anti Zombie healer written specifically for the Windows platform.


costs free to use for non commercial use
software WAZ v1.0
release date 2007-10
platforms Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, Unix, etc.
author secniche
language(s) English
size of the 2 files over 2 1 MB in total
download from download WAZ v1.0
more information FAQ and additional insights

So what did we experience using this piece of software. EVALUATION SHEET FOR WAZ

Pros the tool is easy to install and provides you a quick overview of what is happening
Cons It is version V1.0 and a few improvements might still make its use a bit easier.The tool works very generically on windows platform. It provides
an easy implementation layout.


As you probably guessed, this tool is for more technically inclined people


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