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CyTRAP Labs forecast about malware – acquired cyber immunodeficiency syndrome – ACIDS the digital version of AIDS?

November 20th, 2007 · No Comments ·

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CyTRAP Labs forecast about malware – cyber immunodeficiency virus (CIV) the digital version of HIV?

We should be careful about malware and how it is developing
The Storm worm could be compared to a disease, whereby similar to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) its symptoms may be mild or disappear altogether for a period of time, unfortunately, they could eventually come back and result in the patient having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
We tell you, what the internet has in store for you using the Storm Worm (Click on link – choose option Login as guest – click on this link again and you get defintion – fast and easy) to illustrate where we are heading with the cyber immunodeficiency virus type of malware.

CyTRAP Labs forecast about malware – cyber immunodeficiency virus (CIV) the digital version of HIV?

Last week we explained that the Storm-Worm is yet another example of the latest email-borne malware trend. It has all four characteristics of a well-established server-side polymorphic malware and 1 self-defense mechanism.

Worst is that similar to anti-AIDS drug therapy the anti-Storm worm therapy still remains an unconquered hurdle to malware research. Put differently, there is no ‘new’ anti-virus software solution that would expand options for people infected with malware such as the Storm worm or its rapidly changing versions. In turn, Part 2 of the Storm worm saga could mean that one’s infected PC has become resistant to current medications and remedies such as traditional anti-virus software.

COULD THIS BE THE MALWARE ACQUIRED COMPUTER IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME – ACIDS? (Please click on the link, CHOOSE option – Login as guest – click on this link again and voila free access)

With the Sony rootkit, customers got highly annoyed but it was malware of the class 1 type, which means it did things it was not supposed. As well, whilst it stayed undetected for months, eventually it got caught and Sony had a public relations nightmare on its hands.

Things become far more difficult if malware is of the class 2 type kind where it does things it should do but it is malicious. Worst case is when the user is faced with a combination of type 1 and type 2 infections that create havoc on the PC or mobile phone – what we call the beginning of a type 3 infection .

For a malware infection type 3 to occur it is necessary to address immunodeficiency. Immunodeficiency means that something is missing, or there is not enough of it, in the immune or defense system. The defense system of a PC helps fight infections so the PC runs smoothly (yes of course, the user is the first line of defense, then the anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.).

If the computer’s defence system is weak or the PC is infected by various types of malware, it does not have the same ability to fight possible attacks or infections. To illustrate, if firewall fails to work properly for whatever reason, intruders have an easy time to do their malicious job without the user knowing.

If something is not correct as well as computer immunodeficiency virus (CIV) might be detected, the result may be what we call the acquired computer immunodeficiency syndrome – ACIDS. ACIDS can come in thousands of variants. They may even bring the ability to mutate slightly from computer host to computer host.

In turn, and comparable to the Storm worm, the more variants are in the wild the more difficult it is to fight every single incident that happens on different devices. A smooth, quick and safe cleaning and removal of the malware from infected machines, without taking drastic measures such as re-formatting a hard-drive and re-installing the operating system and software, becomes ever less likely. Hence, users are faced with a difficult situation. Rectifying the problem may be time-consuming and possibly costly (e.g., data security breaches, damaged hardware) for the user and/or employer.

Terminology used – KISS(Click on link – choose option Login as guest – click on this link again and you get defintion – fast and easy)
malware – classification scheme
malware – immunodeficiency
malware – computer immunodeficiency virus (CIV)
malware – acquired computer immunodeficiency syndrome – ACIDS
malware – storm worm 1
malware – storm worm 2 – 11 characteristics that make the difference
malware – why the storm worm is not the ‘syphilis’ of computers
malware – why the storm worm is the ‘HIV’ of computere
malware – why the storm worm is the ‘HIV’ of computers
Sony rootkit 1
Symantec – rootkit

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