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1 national action: Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection

September 17th, 2007 · No Comments ·

Today, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was hosting an open one-day workshop on:

– frameworks for national action: Cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection in Geneva.

You can get the agenda as a pdf file here:

ITU Workshop on Frameworks for National Action: Cybersecurity and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Geneva, Switzerland

The workshop actually goes on until the latter part of the week. We had the pleasure to attend the open part of the workshop today:

Monday afternoon we heard several interesting presentations of which two were particularly interesting to Europeans.The first one was from the European Commission, outlining

Security and resilience in Information Society: the European approach – Andrea Servida

We thought what was specifically interesting in this presentation was that it focused on future issues pertaining to infrastructure protection and information security such as:

– develop a new ethics of digital behaviour and commercial conduct
– enforce everywhere the principle of user’s choice
– promote the respect of the personal sphere also by ensuring resiliency and accountability of systems
– investigate interdependencies between technology & societal systems
– develop a vision on how to depend on technology (including international governance) in societal systems
– education and awareness

Incidentally, the above presentation also provides an interesting link to:

2007-01-18 Availability and Robustness of Electronic Communications Infrastructures

This paper is also worth a read for sure of those of you interested in network protection.

The above presentation was followed by ENISA providing a presentation about the European Information Sharing and Alert System EISAS

We have written several stories about EISAS in the recent past and the work on the first report about the possible mission of EICAS is still going on.

The presentation gave a short overview about EISAS. At the current stage of the report it still seemed a bit unclear about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used. Unfortunately, without a clear identification of the objectives or challenges EU Member States want to address, it will be difficult to get them to commit to such a venture. We are still hoping to read the final version with some definition of which Member States have begun working as a core group to work on critical issues that EISAS can help address more critically than could be done by each Member State individually.

ENISA: Examining the feasibility of a European Information Sharing and Alert System (EISAS) – Marco Thorbruegge

Please download the above slides because the presentation provides you with a concise, precise and good overview about the challenges EISAS faces to become a viable venture.

PS. Follow-up on Geneva cybersecurity workshop:
2 national action: Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection

will come your way soon.


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