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Trend – Rootkits coming to the PC near you

September 5th, 2006 · No Comments ·

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When hearing a title like the one above you should ask immediately which type of rootkit malware this might be (see further below). Incidentally, by now everybody has heared about the:

case, were a nasty rootkit was discovered in September 2005 and and the cour approved a settlement (late Spring 2006 – see above for particulars including expenses) that tries to compensate unsuspecting users for the trouble this may have all caused to them.Rootkits can be a real menace as we know (What is a rootkit?) and in the process, even large software vendors may overstep the bounds and be chastised for it as happened here:

But Symantec may have erred a bit, nonetheless it was all clearly spelled out and nothing was done in stealth mode. Nontheless, we suggested elsewhere three categories for malware, whereby category 1 is simple and easy, while the Sony BMG case would be part of the 2nd category we came up with.

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