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EISAS and ENISA – presentation given in Berlin about feasibility study

June 5th, 2007 · No Comments ·

We reported about the the International IT security conference “Innovation and Responsibility” that is/was being held in Berlin June 5 and 6 here:

Early Warning System (EWS) – what it takes to create success

EISAS and ENISA – will it help risk management across the EU?

EISAS and ENISA – biggest challenge are the Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

Early Warning System – much work it takes to create ‘added value’
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Due to popular request we bring you this:

The two ENISA project officers Slawomir, Gorniak and Thorbruegge, Marco gave a presentation about the EISAS feasibility study at the International IT security conference “Innovation and Responsibility” in Berlin on June 5. They talked about the pre-liminary findings and we have their draft slides here:

Slawomir, Gorniak and Thorbruegge, Marco (2007) Examining the feasilibity of an European Information Sharing and Alert System (EISAS) – presentation of the pre-liminary study findings. International IT security conference “Innovation and Responsibility”, Berlin, June 6-7

We will publish the final report regarding the feasibility study as soon as we receive it toward early July. Please stay tuned we keep you posted.

Next week we will release:

EISAS and ENISA – What are the Key Risk Indicators (KRI)?


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