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EISAS and ENISA – biggest challenge are the Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

June 5th, 2007 · No Comments ·

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EISAS and ENISA – will it help risk management across the EU?

Early Warning System – much work it takes to create ‘added value’
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Yesterday the International IT security conference “Innovation and Responsibility” began and continues today in Berlin.As part of the conference, ENISA’s Management Board will have to discuss some of programs ENISA intends to launch regarding such things as:

– emerging risks,
– cooperation amongst Member States regarding IT security,
– trust an confidence

We have written a short brief that includes a one-page description of each of these programs. In particular, we discuss the issue on how success or possible failure of these programs could be measured using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). ENISA is proposing some KPIs and we raise the questions regarding:

– should their focus be changed,

– are the objectives realistic and what Member States wish to see, and

– how will their potential success or failure be measured?

Naturally, this is is all in the early stage of discussion but in the corporate world, KPIs are the key for getting resources and demonstrating that there is value to resources spent on activities regarding better security and risk management. No reason why the same principles could not be applied in the public service.

For corporate experts this brief is interesting since it shows some of the challenges public agencies face to get a handle on KPIs. For public decision-makers the brief below illustrates where things can and must be improved if one wants to get better value in the public sector. ENISA is doing an important first step in this direction for which they must be commended. So join us and let us embark on an interesting journey:

Gattiker, Urs E. (2007) CyTRAP Labs – EISAS – The right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the key to success. ENISA Management Board meets at International IT security conference “Innovation and Responsibility”, Berlin, June 6 & 7

Soon we will release:

EISAS and ENISA – presentation given in Berlin about feasibility study

EISAS and ENISA – What are the Key Risk Indicators (KRI)?


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