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Reliability and dependability of information networks – millions hit by BlackBerry systems failure

April 22nd, 2007 · No Comments ·

Recently we pointed out that being redudancy compliant is a challenging task. In fact, looking at our Internet backbone we can agree that it is a disaster to put it mildly:

Reliability and dependability of information networks – Taiwan’s earthquake – are we redundancy compliant?

In fact, as the above case indicates paying lip service to being redundancy compliant is easy but putting the money were your mouth is may not get you bonus points with your budget people.

2007-04-17 – up to 80 percent of BlackBerry’s 8 million users were affected by its systems failure. Complaints of business disruption rang out from London, mainland China, New York and the West Coast in the U.S.

For instance, sometime Tuesday night one of our reader got this message from T-Mobile:

    Please be advised you may experience problems with the following:
    Ticket Number: T002125707
    Service(s): BlackBerry
    Fault Description: Customers in all markets may experience intermittent issues when sending and receiving e-mail from Black Berry devices. E-mail may not be delivered to their e-mail accounts and they may get a red X when attempting to send e-mail.
    Market(s): All
    Geographic Location(s): All.
    The Estimated Time to Resolution is: 2 Hours.

Was this network redundancy compliant?

As this posting shows it was definitely not compliant and will continue not to be:

BlackBerry stems failure – not redundancy compliant – be careful (click on link – Login as Guest – click on this link again and you get the inside brief

So get used to possible interruptions in your BlackBerry service, another fruitless day is just around the corner. You want to stay on top of BlackBerry outages, subscribe to this list:

Bb-Outage — Blackberry (RIM) Network Outage Notification List

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