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CyTRAP Labs’ zero-day list

January 1st, 2007 · No Comments ·

This page was built to serve as an informational archive for zero-day vulnerabilities.

Suggestions for additions to this list (past or present zero-day vulnerabilities) are always welcome just use the contact button and mail us or just call us.

The following entries are active zero-day vulnerabilities . They have been publicly disclosed and/or used in attacks, and do not have any published vendor-supplied patch.

This list is in no way complete but instead focuses on those zero-day vulnerabilities most important to our users. An example might be a zero-day concerning the Windows operating system, the Adobe Reader software or the Apple iPod player and the YouTube social network. advisories provide information to proactively protect systems from these flaws, and CyTRAP Labs tools help in detecting the presence of these flaws.

Check it out here:

CyTRAP Labs’ zero-day list bookmark it now

Why not do yourself a favor and get the zero-day news first regarding the:

– as it happens regarding a new zero-day vulnerability

– latest status report about it – is it patched and if so how?

Bookmarking it (see above) or subscribing to the zero-day list advisories will keep you ahead of the latest threats.


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