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CyTRAP Labs advisory – AACS DRM cracked by BackupHDDVD tool – our tests show it works nicely

December 28th, 2006 · No Comments ·

DRM technology called AACS (Advanced Access Content System) has been broken. Hacker muslix64 offers a BackupHDDVD tool that decrypts and dismantles AACS on a Windows PC.

We downloaded the small file 19KB (zipped) and gave it a crypto key (it comes bundled with keys for a few popular HD DVD titles, with the promise of more on the way). Thereafter it saved the video by taken it from the disc saving it onto our test hard drive.

2 types of HD DVD compatible players we tested and both worked:

Download-2006-12-20-17KBDownload-BackupHDDVDtoolForDecryptAACS by

Some things to consider:

– above zip file provides you with executable as well as source code so you can check for yourself

– the executable software does not provide cryptographic keys but this just means that a user has to add her own keys

BackupHDDVD V1.00 is soon to be released it will support volume key and title keys. We will keep you posted.

_PS. 1_

AACS is the copy protection scheme used by both, HD DVD as well as Blu-ray.


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