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Trend – France’s public administration beginning to embrace Open Source Software and the Open Document Format

November 30th, 2006 · 3 Comments ·

France has always been proud to be different. In case of open source software the French are moving ahead of most other European Member States.

At the end of 2005, 70,000 PC workstations for the Gendarmerie Nationale (federal police) began using Open Office instead of Microsoft. During 2006, 45,000 workstations have also been switched from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird for doing e-mail.

La gendarmerie nationale adopte Firefox

Le petit plus : 2 mio euros savings each year (primarily license fees but also administrative costs).

But the French are far from being done at this stage. During Fall 2006 the government decided to launch a program to switch 400,000 workstations from the French ministries over to Open Office early in 2007 to be completed by summer:

2006-09 La plus grosse migration au monde : 400 000 postes dans l’administration française

Now the National Assembly has decided that the 1,154 PC workstations used by its staff will also be switched over using the Linux operating system, with Open Office and Firefox installed on top and probably another open source e-mail program (maybe Thunderbird, not decided at this stage):

2006-11-22 – Les postes micro-informatiques des députés seront dotés de logiciels libres


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